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Whether you are a nervous learner driver or never driven before will not be a problem or issue as all our Melbourne driving instructors base lessons on patients, communication, achievement and enjoyment.

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Frankston Driving School - driving lessons in Frankston are typically conducted on official Frankston Vicroads testing routes where you gain an understanding of the driving test format and procedures including the types of instructions you can expect from the Vicroads testing officer on test day. We have a higher pass rate this way.

We encourage all clients to meet at the Frankston Vicroads so the entire driving lesson in Frankston can be conducted on official testing routes for best results.

It takes around 1 hour to complete a Vicroads testing route during the driving lesson including clarifying learner driver’s mistakes and a full explanation by the driving instructor. If you cannot make it to Frankston Vicroads we pick you up from an address of your choice or a local train station.

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Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

Book your Hazard Perception Test (HPT). This is a computer based test done in selected Vicroads offices. The HPT can be booked on the VicRoads website or by calling 131171 or visiting your local Vicroads office.

Driving Test

Once ready the learner driver contacts Vicroads using the above info for available dates and times for the driving test. Before finalising the booking with VicRoads, our existing learner clients are advised to contact their instructor and verify instructor availabiltiy for the test booking. Alternatively new and existing learner clients may contact Alex Driving School by email or phone 9544 8761 to verify instructor availability for all bookings.

Vicroads Appointment Fees

All Vicroads appointment fees found here (Learner Knowledge Test, Hazard Perception Test and Driving Test) are to be paid by the learner to Vicroads. These are separate to our fees. Our fees can be found on our driving lessons prices page.

Log Book

Download Road to Solo Driving Handbook Free
Fill the decloration page on your Vicroads log book. (you do not need a log book if you are over 21 years of age)
In your Vicroads log book enter closer to 130 hours of driving or more.
Signatures from each driving instructor to be matching throughout entire Vicroads log book.
Keep your Vicroads log book entries neat. (do not rip out pages. strikethrought entire incorrect entries instead)
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